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Facing the Challenges of Transhumanism: Religion, Science, Technology

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Brad Allenby

Brad Allenby
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Ira K. Fulton School of Engineering
Arizona State University

Brad Allenby joined ASU in 2004 after spending over twenty years working for AT&T as counsel, senior environmental counsel, research vice president for technology and environment, and environment, health and safety vice president. During that period he also served for two years as Director of Energy and Environmental Systems at Lawrence Livermore National Labs, and as the J. Herbert Holloman Fellow at the National Academy of Engineering. He also taught as an adjunct professor at Yale University School of Forestry, Columbia University ’s School of International and Public Affairs, Princeton Theological Seminary, and the University of Virginia ’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

His principal areas of research and teaching include: design for environment; earth systems engineering and management; industrial ecology; NBIC (nanotechnology, biotechnology, information and communication technology, and cognitive sciences) convergence and technological evolution.

He has received a number of honors and distinctions such as being named the Herbert Holloman Fellow with the National Academy of Engineering, 1991–1992, a Fellow with the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, 1999–present, and the President for the International Society for Industrial Ecology, 2004–present.

Some of his most recent publications include: Reconstructing Earth (2005); Industrial Ecology, 2nd ed. (2004, Co–authored with T.E. Graedel and has been published in Russian and Chinese); and Industrial Ecology: Policy Framework and Implementation (1999).

Featured Presentation:

“From Human to Transhuman: Technology and the Reconstruction of the World”
Templeton Research Lecture
October 22, 2007
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